Performing test and evaluation on today's complex systems can be complicated and costly. The need to coordinate and schedule test resources, plan test missions, capture test points and quickly assess test effectiveness and anomalies requires a new approach.

AGI software provides a comprehensive integrated analysis environment for engineering and to support concept-to-operational management of military and civilian manned and unmanned aircraft.

From dynamic platform and payload modeling to flexible mission planning, AGI software gives you more than accurate visualization—you get a complete situational understanding of the system under test, the environment and the test plan. Use AGI software to:

  •     Build test plans and cards;
  •     Brief test teams;
  •     Support real-time operations;
  •     Perform post-test quick look;
  •     Streamline data reduction and analysis;
  •     Resolve anomalies;
  •     Effectively collaborate on test events and maturity of capabilities.

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