Debug adapters

Debug adapters

ULINK debug adapters

The Keil ULINK family of debug and trace adapters connects the host computer via USB to your target system. ULINK uses on-chip debug interfaces and supports application debugging and flash programing.

The ULINK family supports traditional features like simple and complex breakpoints, watch windows, and execution control. Using the Serial Wire Output (SWO), additional trace features like system analyzer are supported.

ULINKpro interfaces to ETM trace connectors and uses streaming trace technology to capture the complete instruction trace for code coverage and execution profiling.

ULINKplus additionally offers power measurement for energy optimization and I/Os for test automation.


The Arm DSTREAM High-Performance Debug and Trace units enable powerful software debug and optimization on any Arm processor-based hardware target.

With features such as accelerated hardware bring-up for many development platforms and open debug interface for use with third-party tools, DSTREAM debug probes provide a comprehensive solution for the development and debug of complex SoCs when paired with Arm Development Studio.


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