Since 1990, Edasim has offered cutting-edge technology for teaching and technological development in countries all over America. Our head office is located in Dania Beach, FL and we also have representatives in most of the countries in Latin America.

We stand out for having a broad portfolio full of well-renowned and leading expert manufacturers. For instance, we sell one of the best Robotics kits in the market today. It is an outstanding learning tool where the digital realm meets the physical world. With our kits the student’s code becomes real; their actions can be visualized, and all their experiments interact with their environment.

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Printed Circuit Board Design and 3D Visualization

Proteus PCB Design Software combines the Schematic Capture and ARES PCB Layout programs to provide a powerful, integrated and easy to use suite of tools for professional Printed Circuit Board design.


Proteus supports automatic library import of both schematic parts and PCB footprints. Over 14 million parts are now available on Ultra Librarian, SnapEDA and Digi-Key (IPC-782 & IPC-7351).


The layer stackup manager lets you specify the number of cores in the board, the tickness of each layer and the order in which they are assembled to make the final PCB. It can also use blind, buried and micro-via for high speed designs.


Constraint Driven Layout with advanced design rule allowing the development and the signal integrity on high-speed boards with DDR, SATA, PCI Express, HDMI and USB technologies.


Integrated Shape-based Autorouter to quickly achieve routing based on design rules Lenght Matching, Delay Tune, Impedance, Time Constraints, and Fly-by Topology.

ECAD to MCAD Data Exchange

Proteus PCB Design includes 3D visualization and comprehensive support for data exchange
with MCAD products such as Autodesk, Solidworks and PTC using the popular STEP or IGES file formats.

Internet of Things Made Easy

Complete IoT Workflow, flexible and intuitive. You can use IoT Builder to design a user interface for your smartphone or tablet and program the physical hardware to work with the remote GUI.

IoT builder is well suited for both teaching the principles of IoT based applications to beginners and as a rapid prototyping tool for more experienced developers.


Draw your user interface with drag and drop inside Proteus.


Easy programming. App design and front panel in the same environment.


Deploy to the real hardware with
the press of a button.


Quickly test the interaction of your GUI with your virtual hardware.

Complete Embedded Workflow

Proteus VSM brings agile development into the embedded workflow. It enables rapid prototyping of both hardware design and firmware design in software, making it easy to make changes to both.


Bridges the gap in the design workflow between schematic capture and PCB layout.


Simulate the interaction between software running & electronics on the schematic.


Virtual instruments & protocol analysers. Analysis with graphing capabilities.


Tool where you single step the code and observe the effect on the entire design.