Designed to Teach Programming

Studuino’s plug and play system means no fiddling with tools or working with messy solder! Download Studuino and take the first step in creating any program you can imagine!

Specialized for Robots

With room for Servomotors, DC Motors, LEDs, Buzzers, and Sensors right on the board there is no need for extra circuits or wiring to make your robot.

Arduino Compatible

Sharpen your programming skills in Arduino IDE, a highly accessible programming language based on C.

System Requirements

Drag, drop, and create

Convert and go deeper with Arduino. Drag and drop icons to create your own program using a fun and colorful programming environment!

Built based on Scratch*

Artec robots use a customized version of Scratch 1.4, which was originally developed by the MIT Media Lab. The wide variety of blocks applicable to robot control enables you to program robots close to the level of C programming
*Originally developed by MIT Media Lab

Convert and go deeper with Arduino

The Arduino IDE is for users ready to tackle advanced programming using the Arduino language. Arduino is compatible with both of our programming environments, allowing you to achieve even higher levels of performance and control.

A new versatile and easy-to-use platform for building everything from simple robots to network systems!

Built-in Bluetooth & Wi-Fi / Multiple OS Support Windows/Mac / Android/IOS/Chrome OS / No / USB Device / Drivers Required

Take a look at the Artec Robo 2.0 Hardware!

Now with seven different sensors, 25 full-color LEDs, a buzzer, and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi support all built in!

1. Start Programming Right Away, No Assembly Required!

The Studuino:bit Core Unit comes with built-in sensors, full-color LEDs, and a buzzer, all ready to program without any need to spend precious class time on settings or assembly. You can also add blocks and extra parts to build robots!

2. Visual Programming Software Based on Scratch 3.0

Bluetooth communications allow you to program with iOS, Android, and Chrome OS in addition to Windows and Mac.

Convert to Python

The program you make can be converted into Python programming language.

Access Digital Content

Make robots and systems that use digital contents and hardware together, like a robotthat moves along with on-screen animations and sound, or game characters that move in response to a sensor’s readings.

Tutorials Included

Learn all the basics you need to start programming your robots through the on-screen software tutorial!

3. Wi-Fi Compatibility Allows All-New Experiments!

Interconnecting Devices

Building a Multi-Device System


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