Synthetic Environments

3D model Creation & Large Database Creations


Designed specifically for simulation applications, Creator is the industry-standard software in the creation of optimized 3D models for real-time virtual environments. Using a rich set of tools, content creators can build models from scratch, edit or import existing ones, and enhance objects for use in sensor-capable simulations. With full control of the modeling process, Creator allows you to quickly generate highly optimized and visually accurate 3D models with varying levels of detail (LOD) and export in a wide variety of formats.

How can CREATOR benefit you?


Presagis Terra Vista is a terrain modeling software tool that has all of the essential features required for the development of the most sophisticated terrain databases. 

Terra Vista not only boasts more import and export capabilities than any other terrain generation software tool on the market, it also supports all major Semi-Automated Forces (SAF) and Computer-Generated Forces (CGF) formats including OneSAF (OTF), CTDB, and JSAF.

How can TERRA VISTA benefit you?


VELOCITY provides an automation framework designed to maximize every possible resource – from human, manual processes to highly automate-able and repeatable processes.

By combining best-of-breed tools with next-generation architecture, VELOCITY provides breakthrough performance in geo-localized content management. From 2D to 3D, clients can seamlessly transform diverse data streams into rich, multi-spectral environments, complete with patterns of life, humans, crowds, traffic, interactions, and behaviors.

For use in defense and security applications, VELOCITY is a new technology and methodology aimed at streamlining and integrating massive amounts of GIS data to produce large, realistic 3D virtual environments. Flexible, cross-platform, and cloud-ready, VELOCITY offers a way forward for organizations looking for a centralized asset management approach that scales with evolving requirements. By using widely-available data, classified information, or a blend, VELOCITY was designed to layer as much or as little data as required.

How can VELOCITY benefit you?


Life & Scenarios, Flight & Aircraft Systems and Vehicles & Weapons


STAGE brings the spark of life to your models, structures, and terrains to create immersive scenarios and rich simulations. STAGE empowers you to define immersive environments by establishing rules, characteristics, and behaviors and enrich your scenarios by adding interactions, communications, and engagements.

STAGE offers an extendable, standards-based environment that comes complete with tools to help you develop rich scenarios including hundreds of entities out-of-the-box, with built-in doctrines, AI, and 2D & 3D viewing.

How can STAGE benefit you?


FlightSIM is the industry-leading high-end COTS for creating high-fidelity, high-quality flight dynamics simulations and systems for virtually any fixed-wing aircraft in the world – military, commercial, or unmanned.

From building and evaluating simulators, training equipment, and cockpits to developing part-task trainers, FlightSIM offers developers fast development times, quick customization, and rapid integration into a given simulation framework.

How can FLIGHTSIM benefit you?


HeliSIM is the industry-leading high-end COTS for creating high-fidelity, high-quality flight dynamics simulations for virtually any rotary-wing aircraft in the world – military, commercial, or unmanned.

At the core of HeliSIM’s distinguished performance lies the real-time flexible blades and gearbox physics simulation. HeliSIM delivers this complex physics through highly optimized processing to simulate a large number of “blade elements” in real time and produce high-fidelity simulation.

How can HELISIM benefit you?


Radar, Lidar, Infra-Red and Night Vision Sensors


Ondulus Radar delivers the ability to add high-fidelity, high-performance, physics-based radar sensor simulation into a wide variety of applications.

Users can model and develop their own simulated radar simulations, performance settings, and behaviors associated with common types of manufactured radar.

How can ONDULUS RADAR benefit you?


Ondulus IR gives simulations and training scenarios a critical component: physically-based infrared sensors. 

By adding real-time, high quality materials-based infrared sensors and sensor views to a simulation environment, you can truly approach the realism needed for research and design, and the immersion required for mission training. 

Ondulus IR dynamically takes into account radiation loading, cooling, conduction, convection & evaporation. Computation is available for any time of day, any time of year, under any atmospheric conditions and at any location on the planet and takes into account the energy exchanged between the sun and different materials.

How can ONDULUS IR benefit you?


Ondulus NVG is a commercial-of-the-shelf software capable of simulating night vision capabilities in real-time of any electro-optical device that is used to detect visible and infrared energy and provide a visible image.

Ondulus NVG (Night Vision Goggles) is inspired by physically-based rendering, meaning that a scene’s lighting is re-calculated based on light sources and information, as well as materials.

How can ONDULUS NVG benefit you?


Out-the-window Visuals and Electro-Optical Camera


Vega Prime is a comprehensive visualization toolkit that not only lets you create and deploy game-quality visuals and electro-optical sensor views for simulations, but allows you to scale and extend the application to achieve high-density scenes across wide geographic areas in real-time.

Providing an extremely flexible 3D visualization environment, Vega Prime’s modular environment lets developers add or modify features, and seamlessly connect, interoperate and synchronize across systems.

How can VEGA PRIME benefit you?


The Panorama image generator is the latest simulation and visualization product in the Presagis portfolio. Panorama has been designed to maximize performance by leveraging field-proven image generation technology.

Quickly installed, and easily maintained. Panorama can be integrated into an existing network and be ready to use with little configuration. Employing the latest graphics processors and leveraging Presagis visualization applications, Panorama uses an optimally integrated architecture to ensure very fast graphics at all times.

Panorama ensures a fast and stable performance by carefully analysing the software, hardware, OS, and interfaces, and only uses the resources required to operate the image generator at peak efficiency and quality.

How can PANORAMA IG benefit you?

Graphic User Interface

Human-machine Interface and Display for Embedded System


VAPS XT Offers HMI designers, systems engineers, and embedded engineers maximum control and flexibility for creating interactive real-time graphical displays for avionics and other safety-critical embedded applications.

With an open architecture and integrated logic capabilities, VAPS XT provides the essential features for the design and deployment of certifiable cockpit displays. VAPS XT provides a model-based environment supporting all phases of development from initial concept to embedded deployment. Through a flexible porting structure, VAPS XT applications can be easily deployed to virtually any embedded target with excellent performance.

VAPS XT is a complete, object-oriented C++ avionics software development tool for all types of avionics cockpit displays, including ARNIC 661 . It provides qualifiable code generation for rapid development of DO-178 B/C certifiable software.

How can VAPS-XT benefit you?


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