Since 1990, EDASIM has offered cutting-edge technology for teaching and technological development in countries all over America. Our head office is located in Dania Beach, FL and we also have representatives in most of the countries in Latin America.

We stand out for having a broad portfolio full of well-renowned and leading expert manufacturers. For instance, we sell one of the best Robotics kits in the market today. It is an outstanding learning tool where the digital realm meets the physical world. With our kits the student’s code becomes real; their actions can be visualized, and all their experiments interact with their environment.


To propose a challenging and cooperative work environment in which our staff members can expand their skills and feel passionate about what they do.


To build a better world by connecting people and technology.


  • Determination - The hype of the end result is the strength we need to pursue our goals. The road may not be easy, but we will definitely get there!
  • Passion - We are greatly motivated as to captivate our clients with excellence at all times.
  • Humility - As a team, we are always willing to learn and contribute to others.
  • Connection - We achieve greater capabilities through highly productive partnerships.
  • Perpetuity - We are completely committed on building a future that goes beyond ourselves.


Although our products are very simple to install and use, we are ready to provide support for our customers all the way, to make this process as smooth as possible.

Our specialists have many years’ experience and our vendors are prepared for more in-depth support, not only related to the products, but also to the technology being presented.

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