Privacy Policy for Products, Services and Events

This privacy policy applies to all users of EDASIM LLC’s products and services, as well as the events and meetings promoted by it. The objective is to clarify the practices carried out in relation to the privacy of information and reinforce the commitment to digital security. Our general privacy practices applicable to the treatment of collected data are described here.


At EDASIM LLC we recognize the importance of data protection and we are committed to the principles inherent to said security in the terms of the data protection regulations, in order to safeguard the fundamental rights and the free development of the personality. This commitment extends to all company units in South America and abroad, and is required of both partners and suppliers.


For your better understanding, we stipulate the following definitions and descriptions:

Acceptance of Terms and Policies

The acceptance by the user of the “Terms and Conditions of Use” and the “Privacy Policy”, on their behalf or on behalf of a legal person, is the legal act that materializes the enjoyment of the products and/or services of EDASIM LLC, allowing access to them. The user declares to have full knowledge, understanding and agreement that the data and information requested are intended for the adequate provision of services and the offer/use of EDASIM LLC’s products.

How Data is Collected

Data entry on the platform complies with the guidelines established by the Contracting Party and EDASIM LLC, regarding products and services or participation in promoted events. The user and/or the contracting party are responsible for the veracity of the information provided during the collection, and EDASIM LLC, exempt from responsibility for the data entered and its updating, in accordance with the information protection and security regulations. Data collection takes place in the following cases:

How Data is Processed and Responsible Parties

The data provided by the user is transmitted by the contracting party to EDASIM LLC, through the available platform and with a view to the maintenance/execution of the services. The treatment of the data entered in the platform has the following purposes:

The Rights of Users

In accordance with the Data Privacy Policy, the User may request:

If you believe that our processing of your personal information does not comply with applicable data protection laws, you may contact us at

The Need for Data Security Cooperation

EDASIM LLC, attentive to the best market practices and the importance of data protection, declares that it makes every effort to guarantee the security of its users and the information entrusted to it. However, these implementations require the collaboration of the protected parties themselves, following the guidelines of the technicians, the security recommendations and the need to comply with the laws and regulations inherent to data protection in the contracting party itself.

Change in the Privacy Policy of the Platform

Innovations, adaptations and compliance with legislation are the pillars of EDASIM LLC’s policy. Therefore, these policies are not static over time, being modified with the adoption of new technologies, filling in the gaps and adapting to changing legislation. In this way, EDASIM LLC may modify these Privacy Policies at any time and unilaterally. In these cases, the users and contracting parties will be duly notified through the appropriate communication channels or the platform, and must consent to the modification in order to access the products and services.

Data Exchange and International Transfers

As an international company, EDASIM LLC offers a wide range of products and services with international business processes, management structures and technical systems. Therefore, the user gives his SPECIAL consent to the “Term” and the “Policy”, authorizing the exchange of his data with our subsidiaries in other countries and with selected international suppliers/partners of EDASIM LLC, enabling the offer of products and/or services suitable for your profile.

If EDASIM LLC decides to sell, buy, merge or reorganize businesses in some countries, this information may be presented to potential buyers or received by sellers. In view of this, the necessary measures will be taken to safeguard the data that, as the data controller, are under your responsibility, under the terms of the law, respecting the minimum conditions of protection.

It is important to inform that, in certain circumstances, the data is subject to request by the competent public authority, through resolutions or judicial procedures or administrative processes.

Data Life Cycle

EDASIM LLC is aware of the life cycle of the data entrusted to it. Thus, through its policy, at the end of data processing, it will be verified that the purpose has been achieved or that the data is no longer necessary or relevant, safeguarding the public interest. The personal data will be deleted once its treatment is finished, within the scope and technical limits of the activities, authorized conservation for the following purposes:

The user declares to have read, understood and accepted all the provisions of this Privacy Policy, far from any vice or coercion.


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